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Types of Condoms :

Condoms are normally of plain & non flavored type , but depending on the requirements they can be briefly classified as of the following types, and various flavours like Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, Mint, Apple can be added:

Plain Condoms - These condoms are for that Sensual & Close Feeling.
Dotted Condoms - These condoms have specially Moulded dots on the outside to stimulate and heighten the pleasure of love making.
Ribbed Condoms - These condoms have delicately textured ribs designed for extra sensation.
Multi Texture (3 in 1 Condoms ) - These condoms have unique combination of 3 textures to provide extra stimulation for both partners.
Ultra Thin Condoms - Ultra thin condoms are super fine condoms providing greater sensitivity.
Deep Dotted - Deep Dots on the condom for extra stimulation.
Inspiral - These condoms are having spring action for creating that extra pleasure feeling to both partners.
Coloured Condoms - For visual pleasure.