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Material Specifications

Latex as found in nature is the milky sap of rubber trees (hevea brasiliensis).

Latex is obtained from trees mainly from Malaysia & South India which have maximum number of Rubber plantations. Natural latex has high elasticity, can be given different shapes & forms and is readily available. These are few of the reasons that natural latex is most popular material used for making condoms.

Silicon is a synthetic substance that retains its slippery properties longer than water-based lubricants. It is not water-soluble, does not react with the body (if it doesn't have any additives), and is not absorbed by the skin. Silicon-based oil, unlike other oil bases, do not attack latex condoms and are therefore suitable for use with latex condoms and guarantee unlimited pleasure with 100% safety.

Because of Silicon oil used with condoms, a packing which is leak proof is required. Aluminium based foil is therefore used for packing condoms which besides being leak proof, offers great protection against heat & light, thereby increasing the shelf life of the condoms.